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Public Schools for the Public Good
I Love My Public Schools
PRESS CONFERENCE:9:40 a.m. Wednesday, March 23rd
Outside Room 411 South; State Capitol
State-Wide Scheme Seeks to De-Fund Public Schools,Disempower Elected School Boards and Sell Off Public Assets
Madison, WI: Citizens from across Wisconsin will be rallying at Wednesday’s 10 a.m. public hearing onSenate Bills 20, 22 and 34 and speaking out against the Republican Party’s attempt to expand independentcharter schools at the expense of public education.
If SB 22 passes, a nine-person advisory boardappointed by the Governor, and the Senate and House majority leaders will oversee independent charterschools across the state without input or oversight from local school districts. This bill also eliminates thecurrent law that allows each organization to open only one charter school which will open the door tofranchise Charter Management Organizations, many of whom are funded and operate as subsidiaries of private corporations.SB 34 removes the residency requirement on Milwaukee Public School Teachers, which will furtherexacerbate the flight of middle income residents from the city. SB 20 will allow the city to sell off underutilized or unutilized school property to MPS competitors at any price.This is a blatant attempt to privatize of our public school system by stealing from the resources it needs tofunction and bypassing the authority of democratically elected school boards.
In combination withWalker’s proposed budget—which will cut state aid to education by $834 million—these changes willfurther decimate public education. Low-income districts, particularly Milwaukee, will be hardest hit. With our children’s futures at stake we cannot allow these bills to pass.Public Schools for Public Good is a group of graduate students, parents, educators and concerned citizenscoming together to defend and improve public education.I Love My Public School is a parent advocacy group to strengthen public schools and make sure that allof Wisconsin’s children have access to a high quality public education
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