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Madison Wisconsin -- WKOW in Madison Wisconsin is reporting that they have obtained an email sent prior to the Wisconsin Supreme Court's ruling to overturn Circuit Court Judge Sumi's decision to block the heavily contested collective bargaining law. WKOW reports that four Republican legislators met with Sheboygan County Department Heads Monday as part of regular monthly meetings of state and local officials. Carl Buesing (the Sheboygan County Corporation Counsel who encouraged JoAnne F. Kloppenburg not to seek a recount) informed other county attorneys across Wisconsin of the following via email:

"This Monday morning we met and were assured that the Supreme Court was going to rule by Wednesday and that that legislature was going to clean up all the loose ends,"

It seems very odd that on Monday morning the Supreme Court had already reached a decision on the matter only to allow it to play out throughout the week. Could it be that Justice Prosser gave the judicial wink and nod to Republicans thanking them and Kevin Kennedy of the Government Accountability Board (which oversaw the non-credible Supreme Court elections and recounts) for his new term on the bench? The timeline alone is suspicious. In an interview with cognidissidence.blogspot.com former Supreme Court Justice Janine Geske (1993-1998) said that the Upper Court “. . . had five hours of oral arguments and issued a complicated decision within a week. They didn’t use their usual process”.

And what are we to understand  from part of the sentence “cleaning up all loose ends” in the contentious bill. I didn't know it until I spoke with Secretary of State Doug LaFollotte on Wednesday. Mr LaFollotte explained that the bill was riddled illegal language that would be held up in the court system but knew that the Republicans would be amending the bill so it would properly pass the litmus test. So now that we know both sides of what the email meant. How do we explain the prophetic email; human error? Computer glitch? How about Judicial Corruption? The Wisconsin Supreme Court has now shown its cards and politically biased decisions to the world as it comes fresh off the heels of what many have coined as a rigged election.

Citizens of Wisconsin – this is no small matter. With the passage of Act 21 (published June 7, 2011) the Wisconsin Republican legislators have conspired to give ultimate power to Scott Walker (we call that a dictatorship). With the passage of Act 21 Scott Walker has the authority to “write and originate any rules”, and that the Legislature has “no oversight.” There is no limit to the scope of a rule (see Gubernatorial Approval of Statements of Scope heading). The only remaining Constitutional challenge that could be made at this time is to appeal to the courts. With their cavalier and highly partisan consideration of Judge Sumi’s ruling, we know that the people of Wisconsin will find no justice from four of our supreme court Justices. Scott Walker and his Koch-bought accomplices have succeeded in defeating not the Democratic Party - – they have defeated the Democratic process upon which this nation was founded and has prospered. (For more on act 21 read here)

Under Article XIII, Section 12 of the Wisconsin Constitution we the PEOPLE have the right to recall Supreme Court Justices.

Today I am calling on all readers of Politiscoop to get involved in this effort. If you are able to circulate petitions at the polling stations during the upcoming recall elections please click submit scoop at the top of the page and get on the mailing list for further information. Put in the subject "Volunteer for Justice Recalls". The three Justices that we want to bring to Justice are:

1) Justice Patience D. Roggensack

2) Justice Annette K. Ziegler

3) Justice Michael J. Gableman

All three conspired to strip workers in Wisconsin of their collective bargaining rights. Join the movement today. In case you are wondering why the Fourth Stooge, David Prosser is not included on the list, he is protected by the same one year in office rule that currently protects Scott Walker. For the moment – let’s recall – but also assure Prosser that he will not be forgotten in this.

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