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This is an archived version of the Wisconsin Wave website.

dane101 is excited to announce that we're teaming up with Waukesha Wonk, Uppity Wisconsin, Blue Cheddar, Illusory Tenant, Blogging Blue, Forward Our Motto, and the Job Party to cover tomorrow's historic recall elections (possibly more will be joining us). At 8 a.m. we'll be posting a CoverItLive module that will feed into our various sites reports from all of our blogs. Collaboratively we'll be monitoring mainstream media, twitter (#wirecall and #wiunion), facebook, and other recall day ephemera.

You can help by feeding us reports on what it looks like on the ground in your district. Is it a heavy turnout? Any intimidation? Note your voter number and send in the time you voted, your district, and your ward. Of course, photos and videos are definitely welcome.

Finally, are you going to an election night party? If so, where? We're especially interested in finding people who might be attending events in districts 18, 32, 14, and 2 (we have folks in the other two, but the more the merrier). If you'll be able to attend events in one of these districts drop us a line at editor@dane101.com and we'll get you hooked into the network.

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