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This is an archived version of the Wisconsin Wave website.
From an election protection stand point, what did we witness yesterday? 
  • We saw the culmination of the most expensive campaign season in U.S. history, with over $5.8 billion spent to influence the electoral process
  • We saw complete chaos in Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and other states where citizens were denied the right to vote due to mass purges, "legally" and illegally applied Voter ID laws, and multi-hour waits
  • We saw the last-minute installation of unlawful "patches" on Ohio voting machines, a move made possible by an absurdest system that places partisan officials in charge of partisan elections
  • And we saw yet another election where huge portions of the country voted on completely unverifiable and easily hackable touchscreen machines, while the rest of us used just as error and fraud-prone optiscan systems.
This is not acceptable.  This is not how a healthy democracy carriers out its most sacred duty.  We must continue the fight to transform our broken electoral system regardless of what candidates won or lost this particular time around.
This evening concerned patriots from around the country will be meeting up in their communities to discuss what happened and to plan a course of action moving forward.   
Those who can make it to a voter assembly will talk about what went wrong, what went right, and how we can work together to further an electoral democracy movement on the local and national levels.
In the meantime, if you have not done so already, please report election violations you witnessed to our website.  The more information we have about what happened, the better prepared we'll be to fight for change in the future.
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