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In the past he’s employed illegal tactics and abused his power to round up votes, but Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI) didn’t have to break a sweat to win this contest. 

For racking up a record that has veered from unethical conduct to staggering incompetence, CREW’s voters awarded Gov. Walker the title of Worst Governor in America.

In 2011, shortly after assuming office, Gov. Walker proposed stripping collective bargaining rights from public-sector employees, a measure favored by the anti-union Koch brothers, who donated generously to Gov. Walker’s campaign.  After Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate fled the state to deny the bill’s supporters a quorum, Gov. Walker dispatched state patrol officers to retrieve them, in violation of the Wisconsin Constitution and state law. 

Gov. Walker also presided over illegal activity and wasteful spending at a public-private partnership that he and the state legislature created to promote economic development.  Additionally, a long-running investigation into Gov. Walker’s tenure as Milwaukee County executive and his 2010 gubernatorial campaign resulted in criminal charges against several of his aides. 

CREW cited these scandals and others in naming Gov. Walker to the second edition of itsWorst Governors in America report.

“Scandal and embarrassment seem to follow Gov. Walker wherever he goes,” said CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan.  “Given his inability to competently handle the most basic responsibilities of his office and willingness to overstep his authority to help his donors, it’s no wonder CREW’s voters recognized him as a singularly terrible American governor.”

This year’s Worst Governors report featured political shenanigans from around the country, including efforts to undermine government transparency, cozy relationships with major donors, and self-enrichment.  The report included 18 governors, with Gov. Walker ranking among the six worst.

Nominations are already being accepted for August’s Scoundrel of the Month.  People, entities, and agencies are all eligible.  Submit your choices by August 23rd.  Voting will begin the following week.

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