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I'm sure most people have seen the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce ad on TV that makes it look like jobs in Wisconsin are taking off for the stars.

Much of the ad is phony. But when something is wrapped up in shiny bright paper and a ribbon, it makes it hard to refute when talking to our friends and neighbors.

Borrowing heavily from the Reality Check that WISC-TV did on the WMC ad, here is what you need to know.

• "Wisconsin ranks fifth in the nation in new manufacturing jobs." This ranking came from the National Association of Manufacturers, but its numbers include 38,000 jobs from 2009, two full years before Walker became governor.

• "Ahead of four competing Midwestern states in average weekly wages." Out of the 12 states that are included in the Midwest region, Wisconsin only ranks seventh. WMC got their numbers wrong; Wisconsin beat five states, not four.

• "Third in the nation for three-month job growth," the ad says. "Second among all states for potential economic growth over the next six months. And Wisconsin ranked number one for growth among all Midwestern states, exceeding the national growth rate for economic success."

These statements are from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. WISC-TV contacted the people who put together this analysis. They said that what they measure is economic activity in a state and the potential for growth. To use their report to compare one state to another is misleading.

The current ad from WMC borrows heavily from the Philly FRB and it is also very misleading.

It is not surprising a Republican lobbying group would have to twist every fact they can to somehow try to make Scott Walker look like he is doing his job.

Bob Johnson, Sauk City

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