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Pat Bomhack did not have much of a chance against Howard Marklein for the Dale Schultz senate seat.

In the Oct. 20 candidates’ forum on 92.1 WRJC FM, Bomhack stated again and again that Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce bought $668,000 in TV attack ads against Bomhack. The American Federation for Children, a Wall Street for-profit, school voucher corporation, gave $50,000 worth of support for Howard Marklein. Marklein was silent.

Newspaper reporters were at the forum and wrote the story, but no journalist mentioned the WMC and AFC big donor support for Marklein. Bomhack’s message never got out. The missed story was, where were all the TV attack ads coming from, and what made Marklein so attractive to the AFC and WMC?

Marklein, like Gov. Scott Walker, is a pusher of school vouchers and for-profit education, where the AFC makes its Wall Street millions. No surprise there.

The Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters documents a 2014 scorecard of Wisconsin’s Legislature. They write, “Your air, your land, your water, and your vote. We know how important they are to you and a healthy Wisconsin.”

Marklein has a lifetime WLCV report card ranking of 30 percent; of 99 representatives, only 12 ranked lower on their conservation votes than Marklein.

The WMC wants CEOs and corporations to be able to pollute and do as they wish to Wisconsin’s natural resources, so they gave $668,000 to aid Marklein, so no surprise there. The WMC wants a dependable (donor-dependent) senator, not an independent statesman who thinks for himself.

The first four years of Gov. Walker were not pretty for the economy or environment. Sen. Schultz made some bold stands for our families and the long-term health of the state. Only 56.9 percent of Wisconsin’s eligible voters voted in 2014. A majority entrusted the AFC and WMC. Now, 100 percent of Wisconsin’s eligible voters can watch what the pro-corporation alliance, AFC/WMC-backed Walker/Marklein will do to our schools, air, water and land. Elections have consequences.

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