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Walker and legislative allies plan to bypass courts, jam rights-stripping measures through with their budget proposal!

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We Are Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Wave will host a rally on the Capitol steps on Saturday, May 14, to send Scott Walker and his legislative allies a resounding message: stop your attacks on working people.
(please see the bottom of this event posting for info about buses coming from outside of Madison)
Wisconsinites have joined together and prevented Scott Walker’s radical plan to take away worker rights for three months, but he is not done.  As we learned from their illegal attempt to jam through the budget repair bill in the dark of night, Walker and his allies are so hell-bent on taking away the rights of Wisconsin workers that they are prepared to use any and all means necessary to achieve their goals.
Now, with their first cynical attempt at union-busting tied up in the courts, Walker’s allies now say they’re ready to add the rights-stripping measures to the state budget now flying through the legislature. 
Reintroducing plans to take bargaining rights away from workers into Scott Walker’s fatally-flawed state budget would consolidate Walker’s attacks on Wisconsin’s middle class into a single, horrific piece of legislation.  Scott Walker’s budget:
  • Raises costs in health care and food assistance programs that are relied upon by 1.2 million workers, unemployed, retired and disabled people in Wisconsin
  • Breaks up and corporatizes the UW System, raising tuition and threatening closure of campuses
  • Guts the ability of Wisconsin Technical Colleges to prepare and retrain working people
  • Eliminates advanced placement and science and technology course in schools
  • Rolls back recycling and conservation programs throughout Wisconsin
Despite all of this, Scott Walker’s fatally-flawed budget still has plenty of room for gifts for his dearest friends.  Containing $200 million of tax breaks for corporations and the wealthy, as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in giveaways to his largest donors, Walker’s budget is a bonanza for the donors and corporate lobbyists who surely wrote it.
The legislature must reject this horrifying budget and start over.  The attacks on working families, seniors, students, the poor, and the environment and our rights must end.  Join We Are Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Wave at the State Capitol at 2:30pm on Saturday, May 14, because our fight continues and we will not be silenced.
Buses from outside of Madison:
Buses are being scheduled in the following cities – locations and times will be available no later than Tuesday May 10th at 10:00 am.
All buses are scheduled to arrive in Madison no later than 2:00 pm and will be leaving at 5:00 pm.

Racine/Kenosha (1 bus)

11:45 Racine/Sturtevant Park and Ride

De Pere/Beaver Dam (1 bus)

10:45 DePere Park and Ride (US 41/exit 163 on Main St)

12:45 Beaver Dam Shopko Parking lot (off Hwy 151 – 822 Park Ave)

Appleton/Oshkosh (1 bus)

11:15 Outagamie County/Appleton Park and Ride (US 41/exit 144 on Ballard Rd)

12:00 Winnebago County/Oshkosh Park and Ride (US 41/exit 116 on S Washburn)

Manitowoc/Sheboygan/FdL (1 bus)

10:45 Manitowoc Park and Ride

11:45 Kohler/Sheboygan Park and Ride

12:30 Mount Calvary/Fond du Lac Park and Ride

Eau Claire/Tomah (1 bus)

10:30 WEAC/ECAE Eau Claire Office

12:00 Kwik Trip Tomah

Hudson/Menomonee/Eau Claire/Black River Falls (1 bus)

8:45 Park and Ride near Target, Hudson

9:45 Kmart Menomonie

10:30 WEAC/ECAE Eau Claire Office

11:30 Orange Moose Black River Falls

Wausau/Plover/Portage (1 bus)

10:00 Wausau Labor Temple

11:00 Shooters in Plover

12:00 Best Western in Portage

Student Union Center in Milwaukee (1 bus)

10:30 UWM Student Union Center, 2200 E Kenwood, Milwaukee

District Council 48 Office in Milwaukee (2 buses)

10:30 District Council 48 Office, 3427 W St Paul, Milwaukee

11:15 Goerke’s Corner Park and Ride, Waukesha

Madison Shuttles 11:00 – 6:00

West side – AFSCME International office 8033 Excelsior Dr Madison, WI 53717

(2 buses running about every 60 min)

East side – MATC Truax – see map below (4 buses running about every 30 min)

WEA Trust – 45 Nob Hill, Madison (11:00 – 6:00 bus will run every 15 min    from WEA Trust to W Main St and S Fairchild)

Take exit 262 (Rimrock Rd) you need to be on the side of the beltline opposite the Alliant Energy Center, turn left onto E Badger Rd, turn left onto Nob Hill Rd and follow it around until you see the buses and building.

Saturday, May 14, 2011 (All day)02:05 pm04:05 pm