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Chancellor Biddy Martin, in collusion with Gov. Scott Walker, recently proposed that UW-Madison be cut off from the UW-System, effectively making it a private institution (though they continue to say in her office that it will somehow still remain public). The proposal will be rolled into and made a part of Gov. Scott Walker's Budget, set to be released on Tues., Mar. 1.

This is highly problematic for many reasons, including hig...her tuition, more corporatized research (and less research in the public interest), less affordably and accessibility of the University for Wisconsin citizens (the Wisconsin Idea, a centerpiece of UW-Madison, is dedicated to serving the people of Wisconsin, not its corporations--this includes being accessible to the citizens financially, too), more of a need to take out loans for students at all levels (resulting in less career/job flexibility post-college), and the list goes on endlessly.

But the Budget will not be released until Tues. Mar. 1st, and our side has not made its voice heard loudly enough yet--and time is of the essence. It's time to step up the efforts!!!

We have to show the Chancellor, and the Board of Regents, with whom Biddy Martin is on thin ice with for her clandestine behavior, that she does not speak for us, and we oppose her sneaky, under the table efforts to sell off the University of Wisconsin-Madison to the highest corporate bidder.

We will convene on the front steps of the Pyle Center on Friday at 9:00 AM and there will be a picket and rally. Then, we will go to the public hearing in-masse and see that our side's voice is also heard at the public testimony. We will not disrupt this meeting, but will make sure that we are also a part of it and have a chance to testify about why we oppose this measure.

The meeting will be webcast at http://www.uwex.edu/ics/stream/regents/meetings/ on February 25,2011 at 10 a.m. until approximately 2 p.m.

Please come at 9:00, please share this event with all of your friends, and please make your voice heard loudly and clearly that Biddy Martin does not speak for you on this one! The fight has just begun for our side!

Friday, February 25, 2011 (All day)09:02 am02:02 pm