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JOHN NICHOLS: When GOP and Socialists stood together for labor

The image of a Republican governor and legislators leading the charge to take away collective bargaining rights is getting so burned into the public consciousness that a lot of Wisconsinites might think that Republicans have always been anti-worker, anti-union pawns of out-of-state robber barons.

But that’s not the case.

WSJ: City of Madison grant permits for "Walkerville" tent city

A city committee on Friday green-lighted a request to use Downtown streets for a "Walkerville" protest village starting Saturday night, setting the stage for a continuous presence by opponents of Gov. Scott Walker's budget who will spend their nights camped in tents along the roads.

But not everyone Downtown is happy about it.

"If a bike-riding event is bad for business, then a tent city is, too," wrote John Taylor, owner of an art gallery on North Carroll Street, in an email to the city.

MJS: Anti-craft beer bill passed by joint finance committee

A proposal to ban brewers from buying wholesale beer distributors in Wisconsin has won a key legislative vote, even as both the state's small craft brewers and the world's largest beer maker say it would restrict competition.

The legislation, approved Tuesday night by the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee, is designed to stop Anheuser-Busch from buying wholesale distributors, say its supporters, including a beer wholesalers lobbying group. Opponents say those fears are exaggerated, with craft brewers saying the legislation would hamper their growth prospects.

WSJ: Kloppenburg will not challenge recount results

Wisconsin Supreme Court challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg conceded defeat on Tuesday to conservative incumbent Justice David Prosser, saying she did not think a court would overturn the election results that were affirmed following a statewide recount.

Kloppenburg's concession brings to an end the race that was widely seen as a referendum on Republican Gov. Scott Walker's divisive legislation stripping most state workers of nearly all their collective bargaining rights.

FORWARD LOOKOUT: Protesters are Responsible for Striking Down Anti-Union Bill

With Judge Sumi’s ruling striking down Walker’s collective bargaining law, it’s worthwhile to recall just how it came to be that the Republicans ended up ramming through this bill. Failing to provide 24 hours notice, the legislative committee responsible for amending the measure broke state law. As we all know, this illegality was part of a broader pattern of behavior during the month-long upheaval at the Capitol in February and March.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Colleagues see Nickolaus as insular, hardworking--Waukesha County clerk's error is at center of Supr

May 15, 2011 6:36 p.m.
Waukesha - Kathy Nickolaus, the county clerk at the center of the state Supreme Court election controversy and the focus of an ongoing state elections investigation, has been described by colleagues and acquaintances as headstrong and insular, hardworking and independent.

She came to local public office, where constituents are the boss, from a staff job at the state Capitol, where partisan politics and loyalty to the party caucus fomented team warfare.

Daily Kos: Wisconsin Recount, Days 17 & 18 - The Machines Will Save Us

As it made clear at the start of the recount of Wisconsin's April 5th Supreme Court election, the agency in charge of administering that election is determined to prove to the people of Wisconsin that the votes were counted honestly and openly.

Anne McClintock analyzes the recent uprising in Wisconsin

On arriving in Madison some years ago, I went to the huge Farmers Market that winds round the Capitol. Startled by the slow-moving procession of orderly, white shoppers all pacing in the same direction, I dubbed the market throngs “The Million White Person March,” little imagining how in the spring of 2011 this deep-rooted Wisconsin sense of discipline, good-neighborliness and community pride would fire into the largest rallies in defense of labor rights and democratic process that the United States has seen in eighty years.

BRADBLOG.COM: Many Problems Observed in Milwaukee 'Recount' of WI Supreme Court Election

But No Media Reports!:  Open ballot bags, mistallied ballots, high undervote rate, observation obscured and other unreported concerns...


On Monday, May 9th, I drove from Madison to Waukesha to observe the Waukesha County recount of the WI Supreme Court election. I observed from 2:30 pm until the day’s recount was finished at 7pm.

Images from Waukesha County recount from today, Thursday, May 5, 2011

The following three photos were sent by citizen observers at the Waukesha County recount this evening. Photos received at 7:15pm, Thursday, May 5th. The ballot bags pictured are from the city of Brookfield. Open ballot bags.

GAB Excel Spreadsheet: 47 Counties Still Working on Recount

If you are interested in attending and watching the recount, below are listed the 47 Counties that still have voting recount data to report, according to the Excel spreadsheet published by the Wisconsin Accountability Board website at their 12:50pm, Tues., May 2nd Recount Daily Updates.

By this evening it is likely that several of these counties will have finished their recount. I will try to have an update posted tonight after the GAB posts their Excel spreadsheet for the evening.

Govt. Accountability Board: Recount Daily Updates (as of 12:50pm, Tuesday, May 2, 2011)

Note: These are unofficial recount results that have not been certified by the G.A.B.

As of 12:50 p.m. on Tuesday, May 2, 2011, 1,942 Reporting Units have reported results, which have been reviewed by G.A.B. staff.  That is approximately 54 percent of the of the 3,602 total Reporting Units.

So far, counties have recounted 718,230 votes, which is approximately 48 percent of the original votes cast in the State Supreme Court race.

Govt. Accountability Board: Waupaca County Discovers Canvass Error

Waupaca County officials have discovered two errors in the original canvass of the Supreme Court election.  Here is Waupaca County Clerk Mary Robbins' explanation to G.A.B. staff:

CAP TIMES: Missing Verona ballots cause glitch in Supreme Court race recount

Newly appointed Dane County Clerk Karen Peters initially had doubts that the county could finish hand counting some 182,000 Supreme Court ballots within a 13-day deadline. But on Thursday she expressed confidence that it could be done.

But that was before the glitch.

Students rally against proposed "Badger Partnership"

Students organized on opposing ends of State Street, in Bascom Hall and the Capitol to advocate for equally polarized viewpoints of the New Badger Partnership on Tuesday.

PS4PG: Proposed Legislation Will Devestate Wisconsin Schools


Press Contact: Jonathan Garber(608) 843-2729

Madison rabbi says budget "repair" bill goes against Jewish values

MADISON, Wis. (JTA) -- More than 100 Jews from all three Madison synagogues gathered Feb. 25 to celebrate Shabbat with services in the Wisconsin State Capitol. Four Madison rabbis led the services for the community members who had crammed into the North Gallery.

AP: Speaking to governors Obama makes general statements about not vilifying public workers

WASHINGTON (AP) — In a concession over his divisive health care overhaul, President Barack Obama offered Monday to let unhappy states design alternative plans as long as they fulfill the goals of his landmark law.

FDL: Update on situation in Capitol as of 12pm Monday

A bit more on the fast-moving story in the Capitol Building in Madison, Wisconsin:

SLAC: Students Sit-in to Oppose Walker’s Plan to Transform Wisconsin into a “Sweatshop State”


Student Labor Action Coalition Refuses to Surrender Occupied Capitol

Students Sit-in to Oppose Walker’s Plan to Transform Wisconsin into a “Sweatshop State”

NYT covers Saturday's massive demonstrations; trys to capture conflicting messages about rumored Capitol clearout

MADISON, Wis. — With booming chants of “This will not stand!” at least 70,000 demonstrators flooded the square around the Wisconsin Capitol on Saturday in what the authorities here called the largest protest yet in nearly two weeks of demonstrations.

RALPH NADER: Wisconsin is rising up to protest unchecked corporate power

The large demonstrations at the state Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin are driven by a middle class awakening to the spectre of its destruction by the corporate reactionaries and their toady Governor Scott Walker.