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AFP: Anti-corporate protests spread to U.S. capital

Protests against corporate power in the United States took root in Washington on Thursday, with hundreds of people occupying Freedom Plaza in the city center to demand progressive reform.

The Stop the Machine rally -- midway between the Capitol and the White House -- echoed the demands of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York that Thursday drew more than 5,000 people as well as labor-union support.

WPR: Manski versus Halpern on the Occupy Movement

After seven, it's this week's Big Question: Do you support or oppose the Occupy Wall Street movement? Joy Cardin gets two answers to that question. Guests:

- Ben Manski, Executive Director of Liberty Tree
- Daniel Halper, Deputy Online Editor, The Weekly Standard

Listen in here: http://www.wpr.org/cardin/index.cfm?strDirection=Next&dteShowDate=2011-10-12+06%3A00%3A00.0

PRESS TV: US in a Revolutionary Period



Press TV:  Edward Spannaus, why don't you tell us your impression of these movements? I mean, they are obviously gaining momentum. Tell us why? And of course we see Occupy Wall Street as being one of them that has inspired other movements.

THE WASHINGTON POST: ‘Occupy DC’ Protesters Rally in Freedom Plaza

They’re out of work. They’re from out of town. And they’re fed up.

Many of those who “occupied” Freedom Plaza on Thursday said they had never been to a protest before but were inspired to come to downtown Washington by the Occupy Wall Street movement that began last month in New York and has spread to cities across the country.

REUTERS: Occupy Wall Street protests grow as hundreds block Brooklyn Bridge

NEW YORK - Police reopened the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday evening after more than 500 anti-Wall Street protesters were arrested for blocking traffic lanes and attempting an unauthorized march across the span.

Grassroots anti-mining group Waters Edge blasts Dem. Sen. Jauch for pro-mining statement

As WE (the Water's Edge) read the recent press releases from state Sen. Robert Jauch and Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce the similarities on content are striking. Neither press statement addressed the mentions or uses the terms open pit strip-mine which why this committee is being organized.

Jauch and WMC either "hail" or "laud" the creation of the Senate Select Committee on Mining. Their shared support for a bipartisan committee coming from the current political abyss in Madison is nothing to hail or laud. WE think a better term is appalling!

VIDEO & AUDIO: Extensive coverage of Democracy Convention by WisconsinEye

WisconsinEye is the C-Span of Wisconsin's civil society. The folks at WisconsinEye video recorded 18 different sessions at the 2011 Democracy Convention. They may be watched or listened to for free on their website, or purchased for download, here:




VIDEO: The Uptake & WORT provide video from the Democracy Convention

For video coverage of the 2011 Democracy Convention, recorded by volunteers and convention staff, and posted at The Uptake, click here: 


PRWATCH: Local Ordinances and Land Grabs: Democracy Convention Panels Discuss Food Sovereignty

Attendees of the Democracy Convention in Madison in late August were treated to panels on a host of different issues, from democratic media to racial inequality. The Center for Media and Democracy was one of the sponsors of the convention, and our own Lisa Graves and Brendan Fischeraddressed democracy activists.

BOYER: Stewart Acuff is fighting for labor and our democracy

"The only thing we can do is to choose whether we fight for rights of people, freedom and democracy or whether we sit it out on the sidelines."  ~ Stewart Acuff, Utility Workers Union of America

The discussion of workers' rights, the assault on organized labor, and the conversation of what it all means has never been a hotter topic as we approach Labor Day 2011.  

The Wisconsin Wave to host rally Tuesday to “Welcome the Legislature Back to the Capitol”

[Click here to read more about this event on facebook]

For Immediate Release

KC ACTIVE: On hand at the Democracy Convention in Madison

For some, there wasn’t a better venue for America’s first Democracy Convention than the in-your-face capitol of local democracy, Madison, Wisconsin — a state with a long history of progressive sensibilities. Earlier this years thousands of protesters converged upon the capitol in response to Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican legislative majority’s decision to end collective bargaining for public employees — a fight that is not over and one leading to a test of Walker’s reelection capability.

MJS: WI leads nation in cuts to public education

Madison - Wisconsin leads the country so far in cuts to state aid for schools, a new report shows.

The study by the liberal Center for Budget and Policy Priorities looked at the 24 states where the budget data is available.

Madison based anti-poverty responds to attacks on the poor

'Euthanize Welfare Kids"? Who would believe you would find this kind of a statement outside a Madison home? Sadly, the reality is that many people have hateful or misguided attitudes towards the poor. This sign that was recently highlighted on a Channel3000 report, not only attacks poor people but is also coded language, based in stereotypes, targeting youth and families of color regardless of income. In reality, many people of all races find themselves just one paycheck away from being in a similar situation.

MJS: West Allis braces for neo-Nazi rally

West Allis police continued to urge local businesses Friday to consider locking their doors during a rally planned by a neo-Nazi group for the Labor Day weekend.

The afternoon rally Sept. 3 at the West Allis City Hall is in reaction to black-on-white violence, such as the attacks that occurred earlier this month on the opening day of the Wisconsin State Fair, according to a local representative of the National Socialist Movement, which is organizing the event.

WSJ: Madison convention focuses on strengthening democracy

There may be no other convention where you can learn about the history of civil disobedience, go to a class called Organizing 101, and discuss how to make a general strike succeed.

The first ever Democracy Convention will be held in Madison Wednesday through Sunday.

BLUE CHEDDAR: Wisconsin Cited as Inspiration for Hershey Strike



This is just the tail end of Mike Elk’s article on a strike in Pennsylvania and it is what will make you go back and read the whole thing. The workers at this Hershey warehouse are guest workers who are forced to stay in inflated rental housing–buying their housing from the “company store” – -and they wind up taking home only $40-$140 a week. :

WDC: Voters act to rein in extremism

Wisconsin voters have shown time and time again that they are not extremists. Voters in largely Republican areas of the state sent a message in recent days that the actions of those in charge of state government have been too extreme by voting for greater moderation.

COMMON DREAMS: Both Democrats and Republicans share blame for corporate takeover of the our country

Like many Wisconsinites, I am feeling rather dejected after the disappointing August 9th recall elections. But unlike most of my brothers and sisters, my disappointment stems not so much from the outcome, but from the adherence to propriety and to a faith in inherently corrupt and unjust systems.

THE CAP TIMES: Obama Steers His Bus Away From Wisconsin's Political Fight


One of the more comic claims by the right-wing chattering class is that President Barack Obama has played a significant role in the struggle by workers in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and other states to beat back the anti-labor agenda of new Republican governors and their legislative allies. 

In fact, Obama has stayed clear of the struggles. Aside from a few statements of sympathy with collective bargaining, the president and his political team have kept out of these "Which side are you on?" fights. 

MJS: Kenosha ward runs out of ballots Tuesday evening

One ward in Kenosha briefly ran out of ballots Tuesday evening, with voting delayed 20-30 minutes.

Lance Middle School, a polling place for Ward 27, ran out of ballots at 6:15 p.m. and new ballots were not delivered until 6:45 p.m., according to Jennifer Lohr, voter protection director for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin.

Kenosha City Clerk Mike Higgins said despite the difficulties, everyone at the polling place eventually got a chance to vote.

"Nobody called and told us they were running low on ballots ... Everybody in line has been taken care of," Higgins said.

MJS: Special prosecutor named in Prosser/Bradley altercation

Sauk County District Attorney Patricia Barrett will serve as special prosecutor in the investigation of a physical altercation between two state Supreme Court justices.

Justice Ann Walsh Bradley has said Justice David Prosser put her in a "chokehold" during a June argument over a case in her chambers. Others have said Bradley came at Prosser with fists raised and he put up his hands to block her or push her back.

THOM HARTMANN: Democracy Died First in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin recall election was the first major test of the new era in American politics.

That new era began in January of 2010 when the US Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. FEC that the political voice of We The People was no longer as important as the voices of billionaires and transnational corporations.

Now we know the result, and it bodes ill for both 2012 and for the tattered future of small-d democracy in our republic.

CAP TIMES: The ruling elite wants to take it all

Before he died in a recent car accident, I'd never heard of Charles Wyly.

He was killed near Aspen, Colo., when his Porsche was struck by a sports utility vehicle. Wyly, 77, and his younger brother became billionaires by building and trading companies from their base in Dallas.

JOHN NICHOLS: Recalls are changing the Capitol

On the day of Gov. Scott Walker’s March 1 budget address, I hung out in the office of state Sen. Dale Schultz, trading stories with the senator and his staff about the last Progressive Party member to be elected to the state’s top job. It happens that Orland Loomis, who won the governorship in a stunning 1942 landslide, once served in the state Senate as a representative of the region Schultz now serves.

MJS: Prosser received significant funding from out of state donor during Supreme Court recount

A Philadelphia philanthropist and his wife gave Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser $100,000 this spring for his recount effort, and three others gave a combined $100,000, records show.

A quirk of state election law allows candidates to receive unlimited sums during recounts, and Prosser used that opportunity impressively, campaign finance reports show. Over 13 days in April, he collected three $50,000 donations and two $25,000 donations.

In all, he raised $272,887 for his recount efforts. The fundraising was conducted in April and May.

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL: Prosser's Recount Got Ample Funding



Madison - A Philadelphia philanthropist and his wife gave Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser $100,000 this spring for his recount effort, and three others gave a combined $100,000, records show.

A quirk of state election law allows candidates to receive unlimited sums during recounts, and Prosser used that opportunity impressively, campaign finance reports show. Over 13 days in April, he collected three $50,000 donations and two $25,000 donations.