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BADGER HERALD: UW students plan walk-out to stand in solidarity with public workers

In their most extreme display of student opposition to Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill so far, teaching assistants at the University of Wisconsin announced they will hold an off-campus “teach-out” to continue protests against the legislation.

WSJ: Third day of protests rock capitol

Large crowds rallied on Wednesday at the square and in the rotunda shouting "Kill the bill"

CAP TIMES: School board association expresses deep reservations about budget bill

Wisconsin Association of School Boards executive director John Ashley is asking legislators to modify Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill in a letter sent to the Legislature's Joint Committee on Finance.

WSJ: Walker refuses to cancel 2011 State of the State despite blizzard

A long, heavy snowfall — actually a pair of storms — coupled with fierce winds is promising southern Wisconsin its first real blizzard of 2011 and Dane County as much as 14 inches of snow by Wednesday night.

Wisconsin Emergency Management officials have issued warnings to stay home, stay off the roads and hang tough, especially in the southeast corner of the state, beginning this afternoon.