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Alternatives to WMC: Community-Friendly Business Alliances

September 12, 2013
Wisconsin Wave

Wisconsin Business Alliance

The Wisconsin Business Alliance is a nonpartisan, nonprofit statewide organization for community-minded business owners and professionals. The WBA does not get involved in electoral politics, but does lobby the legislature on issues such as broadband access, health care, retirement security, renewable energy, clean water, and education. It also provides services to members such as education on regulation compliance and a legal hotline. The Wisconsin Business Alliance website states, “We want policies that help our businesses grow, protect our quality of life, and make it easier for us to do business.”

Shut the Chamber organizing guide

September 3, 2013
Wisconsin Wave

This organizing guide tells you what you need to know to be an integral part of the Wisconsin Wave's Shut the Chamber campaign to take our democracy back from Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce Factsheet

August 19, 2013
Wisconsin Wave

Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce is Wisconsin's biggest and most powerful corporate lobbyist group. Learn more about WMC's spending on elections and lobbying, positions on issues and policies, and the effects of WMC's agenda on Wisconsin.

Fair Elections Legal Network's 2012 student voting guide

October 30, 2012
Fair Elections Legal Network

Check out Fair Election Legal Network's student voting guide for information about voter registration deadlines, how to find your polling location, and other common questions about voting.

The ACLU answers important questions about voter registration and the voter ID bill for recall voters

August 9, 2011
American Civil Liberties Union

Do I have to show proof of identification/photo id to vote in recall or special elections this year?

No. The new “Voter Identification Act,” 2011 Wis. Act 23, does not require a voter to present proof of identification to vote until the Spring 2012 primary election and all elections thereafter.

However, election officials will ask voters to present proof of identification at elections prior to the Spring 2012 primary. A person who does not show proof of identification will still be able to vote, but will be given information about the new identification requirements. 2011 Wis. Act 23, § 144(2). There is no requirement that a person give a reason for not presenting proof of identification.

Ideas for local venues to hold an “Reboot the Budget" protest

June 14, 2011

A business whose owners, top executives, or PAC’s donated significant amounts of money to Scott Walker’s campaign such as:

  • M&I Bank – contributions totaled over $25,000
  • Walmart – PAC gave $15,000
  • Sentry Foods/Metcalfe's Market – contributions totaled over $5,500
  • Kwik Trip – contributions totaled over $10,000
  • Woodman's – contributed $1,000

SCFL endorses taking steps to prepare for a general strike

March 9, 2011
South Central Federation of Labor

TO: All Affiliates of the South Central Federation of Labor

FROM: JimCavanaugh,President

SUBJECT: SCFL Motions on the General Strike and the Governor’s Budget Repair Bill

Crucial Legal Information for Protesters, Legal Observers

February 27, 2011

The ACLU has created several documents to assist both the participants and observers of protests.  The information presented here is especially important for those participating or witnessing protests that involve interactions with the police.

Attached you will find some of those documents.  They include:

1.) A pamphlet outlining which protest actions generally qualify as "lawful" and which fall into the category of non-violent civil-disobedience.  This pamphlet also has important information about what to do if questioned or taken into custody by police during a protest.

2.) A legal observer guide published by the National Lawyer's Gild

3.) An ACLU pocket card that gives general advice about your rights if you are stopped by police.  This is advice is not protest specific but could apply in many protest situations.


Organizing handbook for fighting budget repair bill

February 25, 2011
This packet posted courtesy of the "People for Democracy"

Download the attached PDF for:

1.) News and analysis on the unfolding political situation

2.) Information about the manufactured budget "crisis" and the non-union parts of the bill that are equally dangerous

3.) Background on the legislative process and where the movement could tactically go from here

4.) How to connect the grassroots energy generated in opposition to this bill to other fights against austerity and corporatization in Wisconsin


How to Organize a Voter Assembly Manual

I want to organize a Voter Assembly in my community, where do I start?

Choose a Good Location and Time

Accessible, public spaces outside (parks, prominent intersections, or in front of civic buildings) are usually a good bet. If you need to use an indoor space then an accessible, public space such as a community center would be ideal.