Take Action

Students: Join in a walk-out/teach-out on February 17th!

What's happening: 

UW-Madison's student government, ASM, along with the graduate employee union, the TAA, are calling for a student walkout/teach-out on February 17th to stand in solidarity with public employees.

Defend the UW Community!

Teaching Assistants' Association
What's happening: 

On February 11th, 2011, Governor Scott Walker announced an extreme and unprecedented attack on our stateʼs public service workers. His naked power grab would take Wisconsin back 50 years and permanently cripple public services, especially our University System. Essentially, Scott Walker wants to do away with the protections and benefits for public service workers by gutting their ability to exercise the basic and fundamental right to union representation and collective bargaining. In particular, Walker has targeted faculty, academic staff and graduate student workers on the UW System campus. These attacks will directly impact quality, affordable public education for all Wisconsin students.

The details of Walkerʼs proposal are voluminous -- 144 pages worth of direct assaults on collective bargaining, public sector labor relations, and public service workers. From the ban on exercising a fundamental human right to form and join unions for UW System faculty and academic staff to tripling the cost of healthcare for graduate student workers, the provisions are many, and all are equally odious. This of course is in addition to negative changes in salaries, health insurance, pensions, and working conditions. Minutia matters less than the overall thrust. There is nothing of redeeming value in this proposal, only attacks and negative consequences for all in the UW community.

Save Collective Bargaining

American Federation of Teachers - WI
What's happening: 

In a move that unravels over 50 years of labor peace in Wisconsin, Gov. Walker recently announced that he intends to end collective bargaining for public employees. Under his budget repair proposal, public employees would no longer have the right to collectively bargain. All of the terms of your employment would be dictated by the state - there would be no ability to negotiate your health care, pension, or leave.

Organize or attend a Voter Assembly in your community on November 7th!

This election is being threatened by unverifiable voting machines, voter ID laws that disenfranchise millions of eligible voters, restrictive election laws for third party candidates and voters who wish to vote early, as well as many other forms of voter suppression that we are likely to witness on November 6 and the weeks leading up to the election.

Sign the Pledge of Action!

Stop the Penokee Mine!

Info courtesy of Al Gedicks and Laura Gauger of the Wisconsin Resources Protection Council

Many of you may have heard about AB 426 …  a terrible iron mining bill that is being fast-tracked in the State of Wisconsin by Governor Scott Walker and Assembly Republicans.

Take Action to Stop the Cycle of Election Fraud in Waukesha County!

During the Tuesday, August 9th recall elections serious questions were raised about the integrity of the electoral process in Waukesha County.  While not as startling as the violations that occurred during the Supreme Court race last spring, these reports of voter suppression,  intimidation, and results tampering continue a longtime trend and are alarming enough to require immediate attention.

Will you take action on this issue today? 

Sign a petition to hold the GAB accountable for investigating election violations!

To be delivered to the Government Accountability Board

“We call on the Government Accountability Board (G.A.B.) to fully investigate all Wisconsin recall election-related claims.”

With only days remaining until the August 9 recall elections, right-wing groups are on overdrive trying to steal the election with shady and potentially illegal tactics.

We have seen numerous accounts of voter suppression and confusion by groups such as Americans for Prosperity, We're Watching Wisconsin Elections and Right to Life.


Organize a Reboot the Budget Protest in your City!

On Monday, June 13th or Tuesday, June 14th join with your fellow Wisconsinites in calling on the legislature to reject the devastating two-year budget under consideration by organizing a "Reboot the Budget" Protest in your community.  By acting together we can stop this immoral document and redo the budgeting process in a way that truly taking into account the rights and needs of the people of this state!


How to organize a "Reboot the Budget" Protest:

Wisconsin Beer is Under Attack!

What is going on:

Miller/Coors, and other large beer companies are attempting to insert language into the state budget bill that severely threatens the ability of small, local breweries to thrive in Wisconsin.  This corporate giveaway will eliminate jobs, reduce competition, and threaten the future of one of our state’s most cherished industries.

Why is this happening?

Large beer companies like Miller/Coors want to eliminate the growing competition their products face from locally owned and produced craft beers.  Many large wholesalers will also benefit from a provision that will keep potential rivals out of the market.

Boycott M&I Bank!

M&I Bank supported Walker and the Republicans who have stripped WI workers of their collective bargaining rights. Firefighters in Madison, WI have already withdrawn their money from M&I Bank. It's time you do the same!

Join the boycott on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Boycott-MI-Bank/207543489261202